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Kitty dangle earrings - Hypoallergenic pure titanium, stainless steel and glass jewelry

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Kitty dangle earrings. Hypoallergenic pure titanium, stainless steel and glass jewelry.

Earrings to carry some cutiness with you.Very fashionable with these lovely cabochons made out of glass. Securely glued on stainless steel dangling backings. Assembled with pure titanium ear wires. Titanium is 100% hypoallergenic.

Pendants measuring 26 x 22mm.These earrings are a little bit heavy: about 10 grams/pair

Do you suffer from reactions when you have worn other earrings in the past? Finding earrings that won’t irritate is an issue for many women, particularly those with allergies. But fortunately, titanium earrings offer all the style and elegance without any of the drawbacks associated with other earring styles.

You will not experience any sort of allergic reation wearing our titanium earrings. Why? Our titanium earrings have no nickel. Using only commercially pure titanium (CP2 grade) they do not have alloys that gold, silver or fashion earrings contain.

Titanium is inert, bio-compatible and completely hypoallergenic. It is used inside the body for joint replacements, surgical implants, heart valves and more, for it's healthful properties. So titanium is the perfect choice if you are sensitive to alloys.